123 Free Solitaire

Free game that includes twelve types of solitaire games, game instructions and customizable playing decks

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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123 Free Solitaire
123 Free Solitaire 10

Ever felt like sitting down to play a classic game of solitaire? 123 Free Solitaire first has the advantage of being free, but second, you have a logical evolution from the original and favorite solitaire games that you used to play for on Windows 95 to now. With 123 Free Solitaire, you have more than a single card game, and in fact, you have 12 different types of card games that you can choose from. Some of the titles include Pyramid, Free Cell, Royal Rendezvous, Spider One Suit, Spider, Spider Two Suit and more.

You Never Tire of Playing

One of the things that is for certain is that you will almost never tire of playing this strategic game where everything you lay down will have an impact on the rest of the game. Like regular solitaire, the games of 123 Free Solitaire are fairly easy to understand, and you will be presented with the games after the launch to choose which type of game you want to play. You pick a game you want and start laying down the cards. You can redo and undo moves if the need arises, and you can save the game if you decide to play it for later.

What are the Rules?

In case you don't remember the rules to solitaire, you can always glance at the guide for a little extra help. This can also be helpful when you don't remember the specific rules of a particular game. You even have a few different customization choices with 123 Free Solitaire. For example, you can selection different card backs or change the interface skins. It sounds fairly uninspiring, and in all truth, it probably is, but the advantage is how you have a little more room for customization. If you're tired of having to look at the green table cloth that became a classic, you can now change it. In fact, you might even want to because some of the cards have stunning designs.

Card Game Enthusiasts: Here's Your Chance

Instead of having access to only one type of solitaire, you will have access to over 12 different games. You will have to learn the rules of each one you play, but most of the games in this collection are fairly simple to understand once you get going. One of the things that you could do is to learn one game well and move on once you have mastered the rules. Most likely, however, you will have access to more solitaire games than you will ever need. When one starts to get old, you simply move onto the next. Playing solitaire might bring us back to a time when we played it for hours on Windows 95.


  • You can choose from 12 different solitaire games.
  • Customize the cards and the table as you see fit.
  • Instructions have been included for all the games.


  • You can only resize the cards by resizing the window.

123 Free Solitaire is a collection of different single-player card games that is available for download at no charge. The program installs quickly and runs under any recent version of Windows. The application includes a total of 12 different variations on the game of solitaire. Some of these such as Klondike, Spider and FreeCell are probably familiar to anyone who enjoys playing the game. The application also includes several variants of solitaire that are more exotic such as Grandfather's Clock, Royal Rendezvous and Diplomat. Fortunately, 123 Free Solitaire includes a complete local help library that explains exactly how to play every one of the games included.

Anyone who is familiar with the solitaire game that has been included as a standard application in Windows will find 123 Free Solitaire a little different. The most noticeable difference is that the cards are much larger and occupy more of the background. There is a very informative help and status bar along the bottom. The bar shows the name of the area on the board the mouse is hovering over from the waste pile to the foundation. This makes learning new games easier. The status bar also shows how many cards are left in a stack and the rules governing the game. The score and a timer are located in the upper right corner alongside the menu bar.

Playing 123 Free Solitaire is easy and will be familiar to many people. Clicking on the draw pile will flip the next card. Cards can be dragged across the screen and placed into different piles. Right clicking also automatically moves cards to an appropriate position on the board. The game has two levels of animation. Full animation settings will show cards actually flipping over and jumping across the screen. Simple animation settings will just cause cards to appear suddenly in different locations.

The graphics and cards in 123 Free Solitaire are large and easy to see. The backs of the cards and the faces of the cards can both be changed through the appearance settings. The background of the screen can also be changed to a textured surface or a picture. The game has a large library of different card and background images. The drawback is that users need to provide an email address in order to download the graphics pack. 123 Free Solitaire also has a good amount of sound. Players will hear the cards as they are shuffled, dealt and flipped over. There is even the sound of applause after winning a game.

An autoplay option is included in the game. This option automatically moves certain cards on the board as they are drawn. This can be confusing at first especially when one card leads to an entire sequence of cards moving into foundation piles. Although there are 12 games included, there is really no way to change the settings of each game such as the number of cards drawn from the deck at one time. Anyone who enjoys card games will enjoy playing 123 Free Solitaire.


- Large cards and colorful graphics

- 12 different solitaire games

- Instruction included for every game


- Autoplay can be confusing

- Email registration necessary to change graphics

- No save game feature

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